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FRANK A JENSSEN (1952-2017)

Norwegian author, journalist, photographer, musician, outdoor life enthusiast, etc.
Jenssen has done comprehensive work on documenting, amongst other things, the Lofoten Fishery and small-type whaling. He has also produced nature programmes for NRK radio.
Jenssen made his literary debut in 1981 with the novel “The Salt Bin” which was presented with the Tarje Vesaas Debutant Award. His second novel, “The Year of Longing” finally arrived 23 years later and attracted, if possible, even greater attention. The book has been described as a great epic work that will stand out in Norwegian literary history.


  • The Salt Bin - (novel, 1981)

  • Boka om Lofotfisket (The Lofoten Fishery - factual prose, 1984)

  • Harpunen som flyr. Norsk småhvalfangst gjennom tidene (Norwegian Small-type Whaling - factual prose,1985)

  • Lofoten. Pictorial work, factual prose (1994)

  • Havørnlandet – (Sea Eagle Country) factual prose (1996)

  • Med solidarisk hilsen: Tysfjord arbeidsmannsforening 75 år: 1923-1998. Factual prose about miner’s union in Tysfjord (1998)

  • Fakta om lofotfisket. (Facts about the Lofoten Fishery, factual prose, 1999)

  • Til en jeger: jaktnotater - dikt (To a Hunter: Notes from the Hunt. Poems, 2002)

  • Lengselens år (The Year of Longing, novel, Norwegian only, 2004)