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REINE CENTRE OF CULTURE is situated in the centre of Reine i Lofoten, a vibrant fishing village of considerable importance to local trade and industry, coastal culture and tourism. Not least, Reine has been a considerable source of inspiratrion to artists, who have found their way here since the 1800s. Reine’s magnificent location, outermost in the Lofoten Islands, attracts a flood of travellers throughout the year.

THE CENTRE was opened in the summer of 2007, and our objective is to be an arena for a variety of cultural activities: pictorial art, music, theatre, architecture and literature. Today, the centre houses a permanent gallery with pictorial artist Eva Harr’s paintings and a collection of her lithographs. In our theatre we screen an AV show by fotographer and writer Frank A Jenssen. There is also an extensive local nature exhibtion. The Centre also includes an art and souvenir shop with quality products and a rudimentary café.

OUR MAIN SEASON is from May to September, but we will gladly open on request at other times of the year. In the autumn and winter season, we plan to arrange concerts, courses and Christmas events.

IN JUNE 2009 we arranged our first Lofoten International Festival of Literature, “ReineORD, an ocean of books (Click here for details), and this has now become an annual event.
Our mission is to be an arena for culture at a local, national and international level.

REINE CENTRE OF CULTURE AND NATURE is owned and run by tarchitect Ole Tørklep, Oslo.

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