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Reine Culture Centre is located in Reine, in the Lofoten Islands. What was once Reine School has now been converted into the venue for a wealth of cultural expressions.

We have a gallery presenting a permanent collection of the works of artist Eva Harr (Gallery Eva Harr) and a multimedia show by author and photographer Frank A Jenssen.

In 2018  Maria Krüger Enge Kirkesæther and Karl Henrik Kirkesæther will be opening a design and souvenir outlet in conjunction with our shop. In addition to this, we present a sales exhibition featuring graphic art by Eva Harr and  Karl Erik Harr, together with a permanent photo exhibition by the photographer Arnt Sneve.

Every year we are proud tobe able to host Lofoten International Literature Festival: ”Reine Ord – et hav av bøker” which takes place in June.

Our object is to make Reine Culture Centre an arena for artists and those interested in art.


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